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Article: The Art of Deception: How Jason Kelce and the Philadelphia Eagles Mastered the Mind Game on the Field


Dear Creative QB's,

I hope this message finds you well & ready to enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend.

I wanted to take a moment to share an intriguing play from Monday Night Football this week that showcased the sheer brilliance and veteran savvy of Jason Kelce and the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line.

On this specific play, Kelce and the Eagles seamlessly incorporated acting skills into their game plan. By pretending to point out the Mike linebacker before the play, a move typically reserved for pass plays, (they could've also been pretending to point for a weakside run blocking scheme), they created a moment of hesitation and a favorable angle by tricking the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker.

Here's another look at what all the pointing did to the Mike linebacker.

The reason that this was so valuable is as you can see by the blocking scheme below the right guard (light blue) had the toughest job on this play - he had to seal off the Mike linebacker from the strongside flow of the run. By moving the Mike over to right a yard or two it made his job significantly easier.

This split-second delay proved to be the perfect opening, allowing them to execute a brilliantly orchestrated run for an impressive 18-yard gain that paved the way for a touchdown on the next play. In fact, they moved him so far that the right guard ended up missing him entirely 😂 😂.

This strategic use of deception not only speaks volumes about the intelligence and adaptability of veteran players and well-coached teams but also adds an exciting layer to the dynamic nature of the game. It's a reminder that success on the field goes beyond sheer physical prowess – it requires a deep understanding of the psychological aspects of the sport.

I wonder if you will spot the next time Kelce starts "acting" up while watching the Eagles?

Have a great Thanksgiving,

Gibran, The Creative Quarterback

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