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Game 3 Install

Study Hard

Season 01 • Game 03

Game 3 Playbook

Welcome to your 3rd start Quarterback. Im very excited to see what you can do in the game - your time has come. Study the plays below - they're this week's game plan. You'll need to know them cold to execute on game day.

Installation - A term used to denote installing the plays for an offense.

If you have any questions or are unsure about something feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of your playbook and I'll try my best to answer.

Game 3 will be released and ready to play on Sunday, December 31st.

Empty Left Lucy Airwolf

Double Right Tight 22 Scan Drive H Texas

Trips Rt Gun 2 Jet Stinger X Corner Stop H Flat

Trio right switch 22 Scan Smash Return Dagger H Read

X's + O's - Cover 1 Robber

"Cover One" refers to a man-to-man coverage scheme, and "Robber" is an additional concept that involves a defender reading the quarterback's eyes and positioning himself to make a play on the ball. Let's break down each part:

Cover One:
- In Cover One, there is a single deep safety responsible for covering the deep part of the field. The other defenders, typically cornerbacks and linebackers, are assigned to cover specific offensive players (usually receivers or tight ends) man-to-man.

- The idea behind Cover One is to provide tight coverage on every eligible receiver while having a safety deep to help prevent big plays over the top.

- The "Robber" concept adds an extra layer to the coverage. One of the defenders, often a linebacker or a safety, is designated as the "Robber." This player reads the quarterback's eyes and looks to make a play on the ball by jumping routes or breaking on passes in the intermediate part of the field.

- The Robber essentially "robs" the middle of the field, trying to disrupt short to intermediate passes and create turnovers. This player has the freedom to react to the quarterback's decisions and adjust his positioning based on the flow of the play.

12 personnel

"12" - Base Personnel Names

12 stands for 1 wide receiver and 2 tight ends.

  • "Z" - Strong side Wide Receiver
  • "Y" - Primary Tight End
  • "X" - Weak side Wide Receiver
  • "F" - Secondary Tight End
  • "H" - Halfback

Are you ready?

Make sure you've studied the playbook and are ready to perform. When game time rolls around all you'll hear from me is the play call and then it's up to you to execute.

If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to coach you up before game time.

Article: Game 3 - Installation

It's Game week 3. Time to get in your playbook and get ready for the game on Sunday December 31st.

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