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Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins

Dak Prescott gives up his hand

Dak Prescott made this cool play (above) on Sunday which led to a short lived lead for the Cowboys.

I wanted to highlight the advanced QB move that let him do it. As you see below the defender has Dak in his grasp.

He's hanging on by Dak's arms.

It's at this moment that Dak does the special thing. You see the defender naturally thinks if I'm grabbing his right arm he can't throw the ball. He's right handed.

So for a split second Dak takes his throwing hand off the ball - holding the ball with only his left hand - causing the defender to slide off his throwing arm.

Then once the defender no longer has a grasp of his throwing arm he transfers the ball back and completes the throw.

Article: Dak Prescott gives up his hand

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