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Play QB in 30 seconds

👉🏾 Stay Alert

When you call two plays in the huddle the audible word “ALERT” automatically takes your buddies to the second play you called in the In this case since the safeties we’re going to create a bad math problem for running the ball we just decided to fake them out and throw a little play action beauty.

And yes I’m quite excited to fit Eli Manning and Tom Brady in the same clip together. 

Touchdown Tutorials

🪩 An easy way to recognize a blitz ↓

Look for an eager actor trying to be extra in the club 💃🏻

In all seriousness, if you look at the game enough with objective eyes you’ll start to notice little things like this more and more. In doing so you’ll be alerted quicker to tendencies that players give away.

Now there was def a chance that this guy wasn’t blitzing and simply fooling us - but it’s always better to be safe than sorry as a Quarterback.

Play QB in 30 seconds

Stay in the Pocket if you can

Josh Allen the Buffalo Bills Quarterback is insanely talented. 

A key takeaway here for all young quarterbacks - Offensive Lineman don’t have 👀 in the back of their head. They are blocking on the presumption you will be in the pre determined location that the offense has agreed upon as the QB launch point.

Your O-Lineman will be some of the nicest, most understanding, and patient teammates but man leave the launch point enough - making their already difficult job - much harder and even the nicest o-lineman will get upset. In this case “pressure” was caused by the Quarterback and not the O-Line.

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