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Touchdown Tutorials

What’s with the Play Call Sheet

It’s essentially a shopping list - if while you were shopping you only had seconds to find what you were looking for.

By categorizing the weeks plays the play caller can easily summon up one of their favorites based on the situation in the game.

Touchdown Tutorials

Inverted Tampa 2

Jim Schwartzinator dialed up a very sneaky inverted Tampa 2 coverage and just fooling the heck out of the Quarterback.

The only thing that maybe / kinda / sort of gave it away was the Free Safety’s depth. He wasn’t as deep as they normally are.

But the reality is this was a great defensive scheme and tremendous execution by the Jim Schwartz led defense of the Cleveland Browns.

Touchdown Tutorials

Red 7 Red 7

🏡 Protection comes first ↓

Making sure your house is in order ie you’ve got your pass protection understood is vital. Here a momentary lapse causes a sack in the Red Zone instead of an easy outlet to the back in the flat.

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