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Geno Smith vs Tampa 2

So what makes Tampa 2 Tampa 2?

The Tampa 2 defensive coverage is a well-known and widely utilized strategy in the National Football League (NFL).🏈

Coined after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 🏴‍☠️ who popularized the scheme under the guidance of defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and head coach Tony Dungy in the late 1990s, the Tampa 2 is a variation of the Cover 2 defense.

In the Tampa 2, the field is divided into zones, and each defender is responsible for a specific area.

The key feature that distinguishes the Tampa 2 from traditional Cover 2 is the responsibilities of the middle linebacker aka Mike

In this scheme, the middle linebacker plays a pivotal role by dropping deep down the middle of the field, effectively creating a third deep defender. This allows the two safeties to split the deep part of the field and cover the sidelines, while the middle linebacker covers the middle seam.

The idea behind the Tampa 2 is to limit big plays by having defenders in key areas to disrupt passes and prevent receivers from getting behind the defense.

The success of the Tampa 2 lies in the combination of disciplined zone coverage and pressure from the defensive line.

By rushing the quarterback and disrupting the passing lanes, the defense aims to force quick throws and create turnovers.

While the Tampa 2 has evolved over the years and may not be the primary defensive strategy for all teams, its principles and variations continue to influence defensive coordinators in their game planning and adjustments.

In this case Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks had a great Tampa 2 Beater called. With the TE screaming down the middle of the field and occupying the Mike Linebacker, Smith was able to work to the field on the Smash concept.

I found ‘X’ route quite interesting because of that little stutter step he added into it. It was like an extra bit of somethin somethin to attract the Corner.

Where did you throw it?