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The Creative Quarterback

↓ A Good Coach ↓

Has the ability to see the big picture. 

When it comes to doing it well in football or any sport for that matter it starts with understanding your personnel.

I’m not here to label or frankly debate on quarterbacks, their skill level, whose better or worse - what I like to do on this channel is provide insight as to how you can better understand the intricacies of the game and form your own opinions.

I think Coach Kyle Shanahan has chosen Brock Purdy as his starting quarterback for the many positive skills and qualities he brings to the table.

Playing the position the way Purdy does feels best suited for what he’s trying to do on offense and collectively as a team.

Does it have its flaws sure but so does doing it another way.

I think that is getting lost in a lot of the current rhetoric around the position and analyzing it.

I thought getting this run play off on time was BRILLIANT and shows a level of maturity in a second year quarterback who is really in tune with some of the nuances of the game.

If you’ve watched my delay of game video it gives you a bit of a sense of how chaotic the pre snap checklist and to do list can be. As a young quarterback to be that in tune with the clock and potential motion is a pretty big deal.


Gibran, The Creative Quarterback