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Game 4 Install

Study Hard

Season 01 • Game 04

Game 4 Playbook

Welcome to your 4th start Quarterback. Im very excited to see what you can do in the game - your time has come. Study the plays below - they're this week's game plan. You'll need to know them cold to execute on game day.

Installation - A term used to denote installing the plays for an offense.

If you have any questions or are unsure about something feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of your playbook and I'll try my best to answer.

Game 4 will be released and ready to play on Sunday, January 7th.

** Important note - this week and moving forward we are moving into the Mike Holmgren play calling system.

  • Holmgren expected his quarterbacks to know the play so well that on game day he would only call the play and not the formation
  • So on Sunday all you will hear is the play call
  • You will be required to remember the formation and any protection calls in the huddle 🙌🏽

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The Naked Bootleg

A naked bootleg in football is a deceptive play where the quarterback fakes a handoff and then rolls out to one side of the field without the protection of offensive linemen. The term "naked" implies that the quarterback is alone and exposed, without additional blockers in the backfield.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how a naked bootleg typically unfolds:

- The offense lines up with a formation that suggests a running play, often with the quarterback under center and a running back positioned behind or beside them.

Fake Handoff:
- The quarterback takes the snap and executes a convincing play-action fake to the running back, making it appear as though a running play is developing.

Bootleg Action:
- After faking the handoff, the quarterback quickly moves toward the edge of the offensive line, typically rolling out to one side of the field. This movement is known as the bootleg.

- Unlike a traditional rollout where offensive linemen move with the quarterback to provide protection, a naked bootleg leaves the quarterback "naked" or alone in the backfield.

Passing or Running Option:
- With the quarterback now on the move, they have the option to either pass the ball downfield or tuck it and run. The play aims to catch the defense off guard, as they might expect a running play due to the initial fake handoff.

Receiver Routes:
- Wide receivers and tight ends often run specific routes designed for the naked bootleg. Some may go deep to stretch the defense, while others might work back toward the quarterback for shorter, quick passes.

Blocking Scheme:
- While there may not be traditional offensive line protection on a naked bootleg, the offensive linemen play a crucial role in selling the fake. They may initially block as if it were a running play before releasing to cover potential defenders.

The success of a naked bootleg depends on the quarterback's ability to sell the fake, read the defense, and make quick decisions on whether to pass or run. It's a play that capitalizes on misdirection and can be particularly effective when the defense is expecting a run up the middle.

Corner Blitz aka Corner Cat

In American football, the term "corner cat" is often associated with defensive strategies, particularly in the context of blitz packages. A corner cat blitz refers to a defensive play where a cornerback (corner) is assigned to blitz the quarterback.

Here's a breakdown of the corner cat blitz:

- Normally, cornerbacks are defensive players primarily responsible for covering wide receivers and preventing pass completions. However, in a corner cat blitz, the cornerback takes on a more aggressive role by rushing towards the quarterback.

Blitzing Assignment:
- The cornerback is assigned to blitz, meaning they aggressively charge towards the backfield in an attempt to disrupt the quarterback's passing attempt or tackle the ball carrier if it's a running play.

Surprise Element:
- The effectiveness of a corner cat blitz often lies in its element of surprise. Quarterbacks and offensive linemen may not expect a cornerback, typically associated with pass coverage, to blitz, creating confusion and potential vulnerabilities in the protection scheme.

- The success of a corner cat blitz depends on the timing of the play. If executed well, the cornerback can reach the quarterback quickly, minimizing the time the quarterback has to make decisions.

Coverage Adjustments:
- When a cornerback blitzes, there is a vacancy in pass coverage in the area that the cornerback would typically cover. The defense must adjust to ensure that other players compensate for the absence of the blitzing cornerback in coverage.

- Defensive coordinators may incorporate variations of the corner cat blitz, such as disguising the blitz until the last moment or combining it with other blitzes to create confusion and increase the chances of reaching the quarterback.

The corner cat blitz is a tactical move designed to catch the offense off guard, disrupt the rhythm of the passing game, and put additional pressure on the quarterback. However, it also involves a calculated risk, as leaving a cornerback in a blitz may create vulnerabilities in pass coverage that the offense can exploit if they recognize the blitz in time.

Are you ready?

Make sure you've studied the playbook and are ready to perform. When game time rolls around all you'll hear from me is the play call and then it's up to you to execute.

If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to coach you up before game time.

Article: Game 4 - Installation

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